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Peak Condition Pilates

Pilates & Yogalaties for total body conditioning and great posture

About Us


Betty Delucia:        Owner/Instructor

 Caroline Krause:  Pilates/Special  Populations/Prenatal Instructor


Theresa Myles:      Pilates/Free Weights Instructor                                                                                                                                                                           


Owner/Master Pilates Instructor


Total fitness at 69. Life is fun when play is pain free.


 (Master of Education,  Master of Sports Science/Fitness,  Master  Pilates Instructor)

  I have based my career on a premise that my mother believed in... my motto became, “If you have your health you have everything”.  I have lived with this belief for many years and I try to share it with people I meet.  If one chooses to live healthy  they will eat healthy and exercise.  As a result of this lifestyle their body will respond with glowing energy.

  In today’s society many people sit at a desk twisted in hip and torso with their head forward which results in a high shoulder, tight neck, hiked hip and tight hamstring...(only to mention a few postural issues.). When they exercise they reinforce this faulty posture which results in back, shoulder and neck pain.

   My goal is to remedy these postural flaws by lengthening shortened muscles and strengthening the core muscles resulting in a body that looks and feels energetic and pain free.  

    The Pilates Method promotes long lean muscles and a strong core.  We have the best trainers in Mobile, each with their own specialty.  All of our trainers are experienced in helping people with postural complaints as well as those who want a regimen to tone their bodies quickly.  Regardless of age or physical condition Pilates Method of exercise is fun and you will love the body you create,


Nutrigenomix-Understanding the role your genetics play in your exercise and eating habits.


We provide testing that reveals: 

A. Foods that keep you  lean and healthy

B. Type of exercise your body responds to

C. Risks for diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease 

Sandra Foster


Betty is a "God-Send" to me.  I started pilates 9 years ago in my early 60's. At that time I could barely lift my legs while laying on my back. Now I am working out 4 times a week and at 72  I am stronger physically and mentally than when I was in my 40's. Also I am 70 pounds lighter.

David Motes


I had been in good shape as a 30 year old...now that I'm in my 60's I have set goals to be more flexible and active. Betty DeLucia has taught me how to achieve those goals. She has formulated a regimen of proper nutrition and exercise based on my genetics and helped me to focus on my goals.