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Get To the Heart of the Matter

You have a Custom Automobile....

You have a Custom Home....

You have a Unique Family....

You wear Name Brand. Clothing....

Now its time to Personailze Your Body

  A. Strengthen Your CORE

  B.  Shape Arms, Legs and Hips

  C. Eat Healthier 


Gather Advice from Professional Trainers

* Have Fun training with others who may share some of the same goals that you have set.

* Get One-on-One Training as often as You need it.

* Experience New Dimensions in Your Life


David Motes -  I had been in good shape as a 30 year that I’m in my 60’s I have set goals to be more flexible and active.  Betty DeLucia has taught me how to achieve those goals by demonstrating to me a regimen that involves balance between proper nutrition, exercise and meditation.

Sandra Foster;- Betty is a “God-Send” to me.  When I started Pilates 7 years ago in my early 60’s I could barely lift my legs when on my back.  Now I work out 4 times a week and am stronger physically and mentally than when I was in my 40’s.

Nutrigenomics ....What is it?

Come by and we will help you understand how your Gentics play an important role in your lifestyle.

   A. We provide testing that can determine what Food Groups are best for you.

   B. We can help you to find out if you are in a high risk group for Diabetes

   C. We will help you discover the right path for better health and exercise.